I’m not stupid, I know what people think and say about me but I don’t care, its just jealousy. I’m Veronica Rose and I have lots of very generous male friends who love to buy me gifts, but because of my very busy schedule I don’t have the time to meet up or talk to them online – unless they pay me to. It’s as simple as that. We are in a recession? I’ve had my gas bill paid, two sofas, my MacBook Pro, Tiffany earrings, Cartier watches, Chanel handbags, a car, lots of designer shoes and just cash. I want to make as much as I can and the internet holds the key and reels them in but sex is never a part of the deal, nor is meeting or dating them. I just take a picture of my desired item, add it to my Twitter feed or Blackberry messenger (without these I wouldn’t be making money). They will see it and say “how great they look on me” and then one of the men on my contact list will offer to buy them for me. All I do is tweet a sweet message, or send a Skype message back. It’s fifty pounds for ten minutes and they get to decide what we talk about, but it can’t be explicit or ‘adult’ content. If they would like to talk live over Skype that’s extra. I have always been very confident in the way I look and I know just how to work it to my advantage. I’m a businesswoman.

I’m Suki Lee and I love being a girl. I have always been a really girly girl. I never wear trousers, they’re for boys. I like frilly dresses and ponytails, make-up, Japanese comic book characters, and pretty ribbons. It takes me about three hours to do my make-up and create my big eyes; I like to watch videos on YouTube by other Real Doll Girls like Venus Angelic and Valerie Lukyanova, to see how they do it. Then I decide on which outfit I will wear and pick the nicest corset as this is how I will have the tiniest waist. People are always looking at me, taking second glances or just staring. I like that they think: “Wow! She looks just like a doll!” and that makes me feel really happy because they think I look perfect. I wish everything in the world could be pretty and perfect. Happiness to me is when I am around my Real Doll friends, having tea parties and dressing up. We all look so cute. We make cookies or cupcakes and drink tea with our China tea sets. I always make sure that when I make the sandwiches I cut off the crusts, otherwise I can’t eat them because they look so ugly. What scares me the most in life is getting old because dolls don’t get old. So maybe I won’t either, because I’m a Real Doll!

We’ve all pulled a sicky off work or exaggerated an illness to get sympathy, so what I do is no different. It’s just my approach is more sustained and well researched, sort of like a well written play in which I have cast a team of fictitious personas to help bring my story to life online. I’m Juliet Adams, a thirty-seven year old single mother of two. I was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2011. It’s been tough, but thankfully my virtual community have rallied round to offer their support. It feels great that people care. I can receive about fifty emails a day from concerned well-wishers, all of whom have been touched by my strength and story. This is why it is so important to create a believable identity, even through my writing style in my posts, in order to represent a fragile state. I have to stay focused with what I’ve said so that I’m not caught out. As soon as I feel slightly worried, I just move on to the next online forum.

Virtually Unrecognisable, 2014

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